Bolt Blaster™

Bolt Blaster App Icon Bolt Blaster Screen Shot 1 Maneuver two power orbs through a maze of walls, doors, and traps. Use the electric bolt generated between the orbs to destroy all the nodes and reveal the exit. Can you make it out of each level without bumping into a wall or door? This unique two fingered multi-touch game will have you twisting and turning your iPhone or iPod Touch as you try to squeeze through each level. One false move and your power orbs blow up. Run out of power orbs and the game is over. Watch out for the traps!

The faster you solve each level, the lower your total score will be. How fast can you solve this game? Challenge your friends to solve the game faster than you.

Additional level packs can be purchased directly within the application. Bolt Blaster comes with six pre-installed levels that are ready to play for free.

Spoiler Alert! The first few levels are demoed!

For other game demo videos, check out our YouTube page.

Level Packs

Bolt Blaster Expansion 1 Expansion 1 contains fifteen exciting new levels: Capital I, Elevator, T Slide, 3 Levels Deep, Maneuver, S and Point, Two at a Time, Eight, Wipe Out, Squish, C and D, Flip Flop, Divide, Be Quick, and Slip In.

Bolt Blaster Expansion 2 Expansion 2 contains another fifteen cool new levels: Spiral, Shutter, Plug, X, Pinch, Alternate, The Press, Two Flappers, Run Around, Falling Plug, Funnel, 4 Crush, T Hammer, Oscillator, and C Pistons.

Bolt Blaster Expansion 3 Expansion 3 (Traps) contains twelve super challenging levels. These traps give you little time to think. You must react quickly and with a steady finger. Pack contains: Scrunch, Follow, Push and Flatten, Three Way Squeeze, Slit Crush, Top and Bottom, Trap Door, Piston Scrunch, Go Around, Slam, Divert, and Squeeze. Requires upgrade to version 1.1

Check out our YouTube page for short demos of the level packs. More level packs coming soon...

What people are saying

"Sweet - 5 stars - Great game!"

"Unique game! Challenging and fun!"


"It's like playing TWISTER with your fingers."

"This game rocks, it's a BLAST."

Details and Features

Check out Bolt Blaster and try it for yourself. The app is a free download and comes with six free levels pre-installed.

  • Three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard. (Note: Hard mode requires each level to be solved without lifting either finger from the display surface.)
  • Zen mode allows the levels to be played with infinite lives.
  • Tracks high scores and previous scores for each difficulty setting.
  • Add more exciting levels to the game with In App Purchase.
  • Six levels pre-installed (free).

Screen Shots

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