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Make beautiful snowflake creations with The Flake Factory. The Flake Factory makes it fun and super easy to create the most intricate snowflake designs and share them with friends. Get it now!

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Details and Features

Features a cut out mode and a unique paste mode. Offers cool tools like feathering and spikes for adding intricate detail and beauty to your masterful creations. No two flakes will be alike. If you get tired of creating your own designs, which we doubt you will, try out the random flake generator to give you a head start. Every snowflake you design can be stored.

  • create


    Three creation modes: Cut, Paste, and Random. Paste mode allows flakes to be created by pasting paper scraps together - a unique feature of The Flake Factory. (Paste is available in the Full version only).

  • edit


    Supports section counts from 4 up to 24. Use a value of 12 for traditional flakes. Color fill mode to add solid color or gradient filled color to your creations. Includes a real-time preview while editing

  • tools


    Includes great time saving tools like Feather Cut and Spike Paste.

  • show


    Thumbnail view to quickly review your full inventory of flakes. Slide show mode to view all of your flakes one at a time.

  • show


    Create PDF cut-out templates that can printed or shared using Mail, Message, AirDrop, AirPrint, etc. (Full version only).

  • share


    Send and receive editable snowflake files with friends. Allows you to share and collect snowflakes from other Flake Factory users. (Full version only)

  • share


    Create and share graphical images via Mail, Message, AirDrop, AirPrint and any installed social media apps that support image posting.

  • learn


    Includes a special section on the real science behind the formation of snowflakes.

Snowflake Fun for all ages

A very fun app for kids and adults that lets you design intricate paper snowflakes without using any real paper. Save every flake, email your favorite flakes as images, or post them to your facebook page to share with friends. It's hard to put this one down! Includes a special section on the science of snowflakes.


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What we hear about The Flake Factory

  • I've been creating flakes with this app for weeks, and I never get tired of it! That's a good thing considering I have abondoned about a thousand apps within a week!

    christylynne iTunes App Store User
  • I downloaded all of the free snowflake apps I could find and thus one is by far the best. It offers more complicated folds and an on screen preview that updates as you cut. This app is far superior to the ones offered in the featured section of the App Store.

    Kirahazen iTunes App Store User
  • I can't put my iPad down when I'm on this very addictive app. The only thing that I think would make this better is if there was a way for people to post their flakes for everyone else to see. There could be a rating system and a leader board of sorts. Other than that, Love Love Love this app!

    Panda poop! iTunes App Store User

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The Flake Factory is available in both full and lite versions in the iTunes App Store.