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A great game for anyone who loves word puzzles. Jumblee is a whimsical, under-the-sea, mash-up of word search and unscramble. Suitable for all ages. Get it now!

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Details and Features

Each game consists of five to seven rounds depending on the difficulty level. Each round requires one of the two puzzle types to be solved correctly before the next round can be played. Once all the rounds are completed, the game is over. Scoring is based on the time it takes to solve each puzzle so the LOWER the score the better.

  • dictionary


    Contains over 80,000 of the most common words in English with a word lookup option after each puzzle.

  • game


    Two puzzle types per game including search and unscramble with three difficulty levels.

  • theme

    Whimsical Theme

    Fun underwater theme with animated fish, bubbles, seaweed, and coral reef. Get puzzle hints (sometimes) by tapping on sea creatures to see what they say

  • score


    Tracks high scores and previous scores for each difficulty setting. Post your scores to Apple Game Center leader boards and see how you compare with other players. Earn up to 40 different achievements.

  • friends


    Share your Scores to Facebook, Twitter and Apple Game Center.

  • learn


    Word hints, post puzzle word options, and integrated word lookup makes Jumblee a fun way to learn new words.

A Whimsical Way to Play and learn new words

Jumblee is simple enough in easy mode for the youngest players but also difficult enough in hard mode to make it quite challenging and fun for adults. Drag or tap on a floating letter to move it to the bottom of the screen to form words. Get a bonus by using extra letters. Try to get the lowest score by solving the puzzle as fast as possible. Available for iPhone and iPad.


Take a closer look at some scenes from Jumblee. Select your game difficulty level and solve the puzzles as fast as possible for the best score.

App Previews

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What we hear about Jumblee

  • I like the unique graphic style and the simple drag to spell a word approach. My daughter is also a fan of this game. Also, the game changed between two types of challenges which breaks up game play a bit. Nice touch!

    I LOVE my Touch! iTunes App Store User

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Jumblee is available as a free app with in-app purchase to remove ads in the Apple App Store.