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makes it simple and fun for Recreational Vehicle and Pop-Up camper enthusiasts to track all of their RV and camping information in one easy-to-use app. Get it now!

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Details and Features

The RV Companion application tracks supplies, campground and site information, reservation contact details, RV information, tow vehicle information, maintenance records, procedures (winterizing, starting the water heater, etc.), and trip logs for each campground. Special utility features include a camper leveling mode with yellow bubble levels and a dimmable night time flashlight.

  • supplies

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    Quickly enter needed supplies as you think of them or run out of them while camping. Also track to do items for the camper, like stuff to fix. Entries are grouped by editable categories and a quick check-off list for easy shopping is provided.

  • campgrounds


    Record campground information like services, near-by attractions, and contact information. Rate campgrounds and camp sites for future reference and sorting. Track specific camp sites that have been visited and track potential sites for future visits. View and enter trip log information for each visit to the campground.

  • notepad


    Keep a record of visits to campgrounds and record information like fishing catches, friends that you meet, attractions that were visited and nearby restaurants. Flag important entries for quick retrieval later. Entries are grouped by campground. A great way to keep a history of your RV experiences.

  • rv info


    Keep important RV information in one easy to find place. Record data like specifications, registration numbers, inspection expiration date, camper length, dealer contacts, service center info, insurance info, replacement tire type, etc. Also track information for a tow or pull-behind vehicle. Track scheduled and past RV maintenance and even generate an email-able report.

  • procedures


    Keep all procedure lists in one place like winterizing the camper, last minute items to check before leaving the house, etc. Never have to track down a camper manual again by creating procedures in the RV Companion.

  • leveler


    A built in bubble leveler will help you level out an RV by estimating the thickness of spacers to place under the tires. Note: The Leveler requires a one-time calibration.

New in Version 1.4

RV Companion Version 1.4 introduces many updates and new features to help you enjoy and document your adventure in the great outdoors.

  • supplies

    TODO List

    - Added an Options menu to filter by checked status and by To Do Category.

    - Added ability to share a PDF report with options including AirPrint, AirDrop, Mail, Messages, etc..

    - Now supports any length note entry.

    - Touch area for item details is now wider to prevent accidental checking.

  • rv info


    - Maintenance Report can now be shared as a PDF file with options including AirPrint, AirDrop, Mail, Messages, etc..

  • notepad


    - Added an Options menu to sort by Date, Name, Camp Type and filter by Flag, Date, and Camp Type.

    - Added ability to create a complete Trip Log Report based on sorted/filtered Trip Log selections.

    - Share a multi-page PDF Trip Log Report file with options including AirPrint, AirDrop, Mail, Messages, etc..

    - Trip Log location pins updated to reveal multiple log entries by date in the map view.

    - Added reverse geocoding for Trip Log locations so place names are displayed instead of the location coordinates.

    - Trip Log map view now has a separate zoom button. Zoom out to show all logs with locations or zoom in to last selected Trip Log.

    - Updated the date/time picker for Start and End Date/Time.

    - Trip Log Location is now pre-filled based on the last campground selected.

    - Added new trip log fields for End Date/Time, Accommodation Costs, Supplies Costs, General Costs.

    - Added new trip log fields for Odometer, Fuel Amount, Fuel Cost

    - Share individual Trip Log entries via Facebook or Twitter or as a PDF file via AirPrint, AirDrop, Mail, Messages, etc.. Full version only.

    - Trip Log Entry sections are now collapsible. Only visible sections appear in reports and posts.

    - Individual Trip Log Report now includes photos.

    - Individual Trip Log Report computes nights stayed, distance travelled between log entries, miles per gallon or kilometers per liter, and fuel cost per distance when corresponding fields are entered.

  • campgrounds


    - Added ability to set a location for a campground.

    - Added a Map view, similar to the Trip Log, to display Campgrounds by location.

    - Added an Options menu to sort by Name, Rating, and Type and filter by Rating and Type.

    - Updated the Campground Type Selector to add new types and edit the name of existing types.

  • procedures


    - Added progress indicators to show the percent completion of a procedure.

    - Added an Options menu to sort by name and progress. Filter by Finished, In Progress or Both.

    - Added a progress indicator as part of the heading for individual procedures.

    - Share a PDF file report for individual procedures with options including AirPrint, AirDrop, Mail, Messages, etc..

  • leveler


    - Added a new Apple Watch App with a view for the Leveler. Apple Watch users of RV Companion can place their linked iPhone on a flat surface inside the RV and check the level remotely using RV Companion on the Apple Watch. Available only in the Full Version of RV Companion on an iPhone with properly linked Apple Watch.

  • leveler


    - Units - Added a Custom units options to help support users in the UK.

    - Appearance - Can now change the background image and reset to default. Full version only.

    - Social - Added Social Media services status for Facebook and Twitter. Tap the row to start a general post about RV Companion. Full version only.

    - Backup - on iPad/iOS 11 - Added Drag/Drop support for creating and restoring RV Companion Archive files. Use with the Files app to save to iCloud or other supported services.

An Amazing Utility

RV Companion is a great tool to organize and collect all of your RV and camping information in one place. RV Companion is also available in a Lite version with a great set of basic features plus advertising. Download the Lite version first and give it a try.


Take a closer look at some of the features that make RV Companion a great tool for any recreational vehicle owner or enthusiast.

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A Great Utility App

  • We use this app for our camping trips. It is great, especially the level.

    ChaplainPaulPannell iTunes App Store User
  • This is a great app for new RV owners. Check it out you'll like it!

    dcinoburg iTunes App Store User
  • Works great. Tracking every outing, campground particulars, RV mileage, and checklists for everything. Love it.

    Mobile Mansion iTunes App Store User

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