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In addition to our current 3D animation development, Creative Logic Entertainment has released a variety of cool iPhone games and utilities. Check out all of our apps in the iTunes App Store.

Our Mobile Games

Marbleology App Icon Marbleology™ - The goal is simple: knock all the marbles off each table. But can you do it while bouncing off blocks, jumping ramps, flying between tables, getting blown around by fans, avoiding magnets, and much more?

Flake Factory App Icon The Flake Factory™ - Just Released - A very fun app for kids and adults that lets you design intricate paper snowflakes without using any real paper. Save every flake, email your favorite flakes as images, or post them to your facebook page to share with friends. It's hard to put this one down! Includes a special section on the science of snowflakes. Available NOW in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Zany Touch App Icon Zany Touch™ is a fun and fast paced game where verbal commands must be carried out quickly before the timer runs out. The game pace gets faster and faster as you go. Touch, swipe, shake, and pinch are just some of the things you must do. Fun for all ages. If you remember the game Bop-It™, then you will love Zany Touch. The latest version now supports Facebook and Twitter integration: Post your Zany Touch scores on Facebook and Twitter. Challenge your Facebook friends to a match.

Bolt Blaster App Icon Bolt Blaster™ is a unique multi-touch puzzle game where two movable orbs must be maneuvered though a maze of walls, doors, and traps. The orbs generate a powerful lightening bolt which is used to destroy power nodes and reveal the exit to each level.

NetherWord App Icon NetherWord is the word game without words. Boo! - not "Cheers!" - is what you get when you finish a word in this ghostly twist on the classic add-a-letter word game. Developed in conjunction with Skitsos Entertainment.

The White Box App Icon The White Box™ is a fun and addictive game where each level is a new challenge. Instructions are displayed within a small white box and you must follow the instructions by touching shapes and colors. Be quick -- you only have a few seconds to read, understand, and carryout the instructions.

Our Mobile Utilities

RV Compantion App Icon RV Companion™ makes it simple and fun for Recreational Vehicle and Pop-Up camper enthusiasts to track all of their RV and camping information in one easy-to-use app.

In Development

Jumblee App Icon Jumblee™ - The Mash-Up of word games. Unjumble the letters, make-a-word, which puzzle is next? A fun game themed with an under-the-sea look.

Plot Your Life App Icon Plot Your Life™ - An easy to use app that helps you track the changing numbers in your life: weight, blood pressure, gas mileage, infant temperature, calorie intake, time to run a mile, etc. Enter data as you think of it in just a few seconds. Data can be viewed in a graph form and emailed as a spreadsheet with one touch.